Best OnePlus 10T deals and preorder prices

The OnePlus 10T sports America’s fastest phone charging at the whopping 150W which allows the brick in the box to bring it from a dying battery to a full one in under 20 minutes. Just 5 minutes of charging are enough to pump the phone up to 50%, while the rest of the specs are nothing to sneeze at considering the $649 OnePlus 8T starting price.

That’s for the version with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage, but there is also one with the jaw-dropping at its $749 price point 16GB of RAM. That one comes with 256GB storage, not the 512GB you might have hoped for when you heard 16GB RAM, baby.

OnePlus deals and gift bundles

The phone will be available to purchase on Amazon on August 11, but you can grab the OnePlus 10T right now over at its own website, alongside some cool freebies that OnePlus usually reserves for its preorder period.


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