Best Way To Earn Money Big Online In 2019 By Working With Google

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Have you ever heard of Google Admob before? Have you ever earned from it before???

Join and learn the best way to pile up your account and earn as much as $200 – $500 monthly with these coolest methods.

What’s Google Admob
Google Admob is a product of Google Inc, which is one of the best ways an advertiser or application developer can earn cool cash online, simply by placing google generated ad codes into on his own app.

You don’t need to be an App developer before you can benefit from this we can setting up everything for you and all the tutorial will be giving to you to started earning

How does Google admob works?
It works with your daily and dedicated clicks
No referral needed
Just your clicks

Here is an amazing opportunity, no recruiting, not mlm…. Just by clicking ads on your app you get paid every 21st by google with 100% guarantee.

❇ No referral needed
❇ No dependency on anybody
❇ It’s just ur own work only on your android device
❇ Just create an admob account and we link it to App we that we created for you and setup your ads and click on it yourself to make earn money daily

How to Get Your Admob Application for Self Clicking

Like I said earlier, AdMob is met for developers and to make money from AdMob you need an app but it is not necessary that you become a developer before you can build your own apps.

We can build higher cpc Application for u if you don’t know how to develop an Application

This app is guarantee to be giving you minimum of 1$ above per click when you click on advert that displaying on d App we created for you.

imagine you click five in a day on this app you will be earning 5$ above 5$ x 30days making $150 above for starting in a Month.

We guarantee you this because not going to leave you immediately I sold this App for you.

The App isN3,000

Account No: 0108122018
Account Name: Yekeen Kazeem A

After payment, send your payment notification in the following format –
( “Google Admob App”, Depositor’s name, AMOUNT PAID, to my WhatsApp Inbox


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