Bible Is Not a Holy Book and Christians Shouldn’t Believe In It, See These Verses That Are Controversial There – African Lady Says

Bible is not a holy book and Christians shouldn't believe in it

A young lady known as a pan Africanist according to her profile on Twitter, has taken to her Twitter handle to highlight some rather controversial Bible verses.

The lady who is identified as Ifa Funsho, with the handle @funshographixx, started by asking readers to pick their Bible and join her in reading the words of a loving God together before going on to cite five different Bible verses that are all but controversial to her.

She cited exodus, Leviticus Deuteronomy, and the book of Peter, all of which can be seen in the image below;

She ended the tweet by making a rather scandalous statement, “and someone said the Bible is a holy book, my foot holy bulls..t” she concluded.

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