Bill Gates to Be Jailed As People Call For His Arrest On Media Over His Covid19 Vaccine With Mark Of the Beast

Bill Gates to be jailed

Bill Gates is losing sleep over comments from commoners on social media. The billionaire’s Instagram page is being flooded by people calling for his arrest and murder.

Instagram users and Twitter users are ganging up on Bill Gates, hitting back against him for his social media posts with thousands upon thousands of angry messages telling him to stop experimenting with the health of the poor or expect to be charged with crimes against humanity.

According to social media users, Bill Gates has been losing sleep, deleting the flood of critical comments from his page.

There’s a massive push back from across the world against his ideas of downsizing the human population to a ‘manageable’ number. Maybe he did not anticipate such a reaction. Below are some of the comments that are apparently causing Bill Gates sleepless nights.

@pinzilia He acts like he owns the world with everything in it, how old is he and for how long will he live to see the world he has depopulated progress?

@rragomoditi Gates deleting 500 000 comments from his Insta? From across the planet? Presumably questioning, if not condemning, his vaccine and microchip initiatives? That’s a lot in few days! Hope it’s a lesson on how controversial both vaccine (pharmacy) n microchip (tech) initiatives are?

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