Blast from the past: OnePlus 10T could feature a Sandstone back cover

Remember the first OnePlus phone, the OnePlus One? Released back in 2014, it was truly a flagship killer, with truly high-end specs and a super aggressive $299 price tag that was  way below its closest competitors, the OnePlus One started something that’s still going strong. 

One of the defining features of the OnePlus One was its totally unorthodox design that utilized a textured, sandpaper-like rear cover that quickly became a signature feature of the early OnePlus days. While later devices used glass backs, OnePlus released multiple sandstone cases that aimed to recapture the same feel, and succeeded. 

Well, OnePlus might be seemingly trying to recapture the same thunder with its upcoming OnePlus 10T flagship, which is expected to arrive this fall. As per a leaked official image of the device, obtained by Pricebaba, the OnePlus 10T could feature a sandstone back just like its grand predecessors, possibly in a bid to recapture the same levels of interest. 

Utilizing a sandstone back in late 2022 would definitely make the OnePlus 10T stick out among its peers, as most all of them feature glass backs these days, be it glossy, imitating plastic, or matte ones. With a sandstone back, the OnePlus 10T could keep the weight down while being more durable itself. Of course, this could be only one option of the OnePlus 10T, and we sort of expect regular glass version of the phone in different colors to be outed as well. 

Aside from the rough back, there’s very little else to be seen here. A single OnePlus logo is seen at the back, but a deliberate shadow is literally hiding the top of the phone in deep secrecy, obscuring the camera module from our eyes. 
What do we know of the OnePlus 10T so far? Some quite promising leaks are hinting at superb Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 performance, which could propel the OnePlus 10T straight to the top of AnTuTu’s device rankings, which could definitely be a big win for OnePlus. 
The performance monster is expected to come with a spacious 6.7-inch FHD+ 120Hz OLED display, a slightly smaller 4,800mAh battery in comparison with the OnePlus 10 Pro‘s 5,000mAh one, and just two cameras, wide and ultra-wide ones. Probably the most interesting aspect of the device could be its purported 150W fast charging, a super-fast solution that should fully charge the phone in no time. 


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