Boost Mobile obliterates the competition with the cheapest ‘unlimited’ plan in the US

Owned by Sprint for several years and then sold by T-Mobile to Dish in 2020 to maintain (the appearance) of US wireless industry competition, Boost Mobile is definitely not in a position to overtake AT&T’s customer numbers anytime soon but in terms of value for your money, this prepaid operator is getting harder and harder to beat.

This is exclusively available for new customers at a monthly rate of $25 that the carrier promises never to bump up as long as you’re enrolled in its Autopay program. That’s pretty much a flawless one-two punch thrown at Verizon and AT&T, which are both overcharging their subscribers for unlimited service and increasing prices with little to no regard for things like loyalty.
Your 25 bucks a month will buy you unlimited “everything” on Boost Mobile, mind you, with access to the operator’s “expanded data network” (aka T-Mobile in addition to AT&T) and even (limited) 5G availability, although as always, there is a “catch.” 

While your unlimited phone calls and text messages will obviously have no restrictions whatsoever, the “unlimited” mobile data included in this dirt-cheap new plan “may” go down in speed after you use 30GB. That’s down from 35 gigs of “high speed” monthly data offered on the $50 plan, but considering the 50 percent discount, we can probably agree that’s well worth the sacrifice.

The only other thing you need to consider is that the $25 monthly plan also doesn’t come with a separate mobile hotspot allotment, so while tethering is allowed, its usage will be counted towards the aforementioned 30 gig high speed bucket.

Still, Boost Mobile calls this the “lowest cost unlimited plan in the US” right now, beating Metro by T-Mobile’s entry-level option, for instance, by a cool 15 bucks. Meanwhile, it’s clearly not worth comparing what Boost is offering here with Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mo’s unlimited postpaid services given both the huge price gap and the very different target audiences.


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