Boxier Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra design gets a preview

While the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ exterior is expected to stay exactly the same as on their predecessors, perhaps spruced up with a new color or two, the Galaxy S23 Ultra design will only stay largely the same, as it will undergo subtle changes necessitated by bigger under-the-hood improvements.
One such change is the different curvature radius of the side frame, according to Ice Universe, which is shaping up to be higher on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, potentially freeing up a bit more space on the inside of the phone.

This exact same difference in side curvature has been depicted in a 3D render format by the graphics artist Technizo Concept who often does videos like the one you see above, based on the latest design change rumors.

Apart from the boxier design when looked at from the sides, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is not expected to sport any other exterior alterations. Even the rumored 200MP main sensor, up from 108MP, won’t change the raindrop camera set design on the back, for instance.

We’d still have three lens rings protruding from the back independently, rather than being a part of an elevated camera island “plateau” as on most every other major phone out there. 

The main camera upgrade is not expected to carry over to the zoom cameras as they are still expected to remain a 10MP one with 10x periscope magnification and another 10MP sensor under the 3x telephoto camera lens. 


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