Brazilian Man Cured From HIV With Ordinary Drugs After 8 Years Of Contracting It

A 35 years old man from Brazil who went into a long-term absolution after being subject to treatment for less than one year with a deepen multi-drug mixed drink of AIDS drugs, has raised confidence in a potential victory on Tuesday, 7th of July.

The man who was tested positive for HIV in the year 2012, was administered with a source of antiretroviral medication or ART that was stimulated with more antiretrovirals, with a drug named nicotinamide, a source of vitamin B3.

His deepened treatment was stopped after 48 weeks and investigators who disclosed their outcomes at an International Aids Society conference done virtually this week said the victim has now lived for more than fifty-seven weeks without using any HIV medication and he keeps testing negative for the HIV virus.

Diaz said;

“We can not survey his whole body, but by sufficient indication, we don’t see infected cells in his body.

“I believe it’s very encouraging. This victim might be healed, but it will take further time to know. But from all indications, he is perfectly healed.

Watch video below;

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