Call Of Duty 2021 Leaked On Battle.Net, Here is All You Need to Know

Call Of Duty 2021 Leaked On Battle.Net

Call of Duty 2021 has popped up on the database of Activision’s launcher with a codename – “Slipstream”.

Call of Duty 2021 will reportedly be a sequel to the 2017 – Call of Duty World War II. The leaks were spotted by Helba – the developer behind BlizzTrack.

BlizzTrack is a website dedicated to calalouging the library and store updates from logos of Slipstream have popped up on the launcher’s database.

The main confirmation to this leak is that all of the logos are styled in a World War II manner. Slipstream is seeing almost daily updates on Sometimes, those updates come under the name of “Fore” and sometimes they’re just blatantly named “COD2021”.

People are speculating the reason behind these files even showing up on the server. One reason might just be the devs getting creative and uploading their work on the servers itself since they’re working from home. Another reason might be that the game is in alpha/beta phase and has been released to very few people for testing.

As of right now, Activision has not revealed a new Call of Duty game but has confirmed that they will release it later this year.

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