Camera suppliers for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max set to make huge profits

Ming-Ch Kuo, prominent tech analyst and one of the biggest experts on everything Apple, has come out with an interesting assessment of the structural changes in iPhone’s high-end camera supply chain. The full article can be accessed here.

Earlier this week, Kuo shared his analysis of how the new structure of Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup will impact its camera suppliers via Twitter. In short, Sony, Largan, Alps, and LG Innotek, the suppliers for the camera on the high-end models, are set to benefit greatly from Apple’s decision to deepen the divide between the Pro and non-Pro iPhone models.

Essentially, because the new A16 chip will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, users will have an even greater incentive to opt for the more premium iPhone models. Previously, all iPhones released in the same generation usually featured the same chipset and, by extension, identical processing power.

This is about to change, however. A couple of days ago, Ming-Ch Kuo also predicted that Apple will continue to implement this strategy in subsequent iPhone iterations. Essentially, going forward, non-Pro iPhone models will debut with a year-old SoC.

This will not only likely translate to more sales for the Pro and Pro Max variants, but will also result in greater profits for the companies that supply the components for the rear camera of the two high-end models.

For the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max these are Sony (CIS), Largan (lens), Alps (VCM/OIS), and LG Innotek (CCM). The projected year-on-year growth for each of the aforementioned components is between 15-35 percent. But after all, no one should be surprised tat Apple figured out a way to make even more money. It is only natural that others will reap some benefit as well.


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