Can You Ever Marry a Lady With Child? See What People Got to Say About This Question Trending Online

As we all know that ladies get pregnant without being married, while some even get divorce after getting married with children these days.

But the question is can you get married to a woman with a child? Most people will and some might not.

Most ladies are single mother and some of them believe they can do without men, which I don’t think its possible. Because no one is an island.

Most guys will say the only reason why they will date such a lady is if she looks beautiful and with a good character. While Some guys will even go straight to the point and just tell you that they will only marry her if she is very wealthy.

The guys who might not marry the lady might be due to his believe or due to the parents opinion of the matter.

Here are people’s reaction below;

What’s your opinion about this? Can you marry a woman that has a child or not? Kindly share you thoughts by commenting below.

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