Cheat To Make Someone You are Calling Pay For Your Call

Have you ever wondered if you can actually make a call without your own airtime been deducted but the airtime of the person you are calling will be deducting instead of yours.

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This can be done only on Airtel Sim for now.

As of recent, I posted how to flash someone on airtel with 0.0kb balance and also how to borrow airtime from airtel without paying service charge.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about Airtel Pay For My Call service provided by Airtel to enable users enjoy this offer and that’s the main reason why we made this post.

Without wasting much of our time, let’s get down to the main topic.

How To Make Someone You Are Calling Pay For Your Call On Airtel
What you have to do is just input # followed by the number you’re trying to reach.

For instance let’s say you want to call 09097826655, just dail the number like this and call #09097826655

When the receiver picks the call, they will be billed for the call.

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  1. is it only for airtel line I mean the person u are calling

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