Checkout Four Amazing Ways To Charge Your Phone Without Electricity

Generally, we plug our phones to any available outlet to charge them.

But, what happens when your phone runs flat and you’re not in a position to charge it? I must say you got no option rather than to wait until you get a place to charge.

This shouldn’t be the case as there are now several ways you can charge your phone without electricity,

JUMIA TRAVEL, the leading online travel agency shares some of these ways.

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1. Hand Crank Charger
You can use a hand crank charger which allows you to recharge your smartphone with nothing more than the strength of your own wrist. This device has LED charge indicators to show how much battery life you have and guarantees enough battery life to make a one-minute call or send some messages after cranking for a little under four minutes. View on Amazon HERE

2. Voice
This technology has been available since 2011. Scientists devised a gadget that will allow mobile phones to be recharged simply by talking to them.

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The technology turns sound into electricity, allowing a mobile phone to be powered up while a conversation is in progress and the greater the volume the greater the charge. All this is possible because of the current generated by the vibration of zinc oxide cables connected between two flexible electrodes.

3. Fruit And Vegetables
This works under probability. To charge your smartphone this way, you need a big wall, 800 apples and potatoes connected to each other with cables, zinc and copper wires. This circuit is able to generate an electric current enough to charge your phone.

4. Solar Energy
If you have a solar charger, you can use the sun to charge your phone. The bigger the size of your solar charger, the faster your phone charge.

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