China Are Treating Africans the Way Africans Treat Each Other – Malema Says

China treats africans the way they treat each other

Julius Malema, EFF leader presented his freedom day address online this morning. One of the important topics that he spoke about during his address was the treatment of African people in China. Julius lamanted at the fact that Africans are being accused of bringing Corona virus to China in what he discribed as a propaganda machine by the Chinese government.

The accusations saw videos emerging of African people being thrown out of their apartments and mistreated by Chinese nationals. This despite the fact that Corona virus started in China. Malema described this action as the Chinese taking advantage of disadvantaged Africans. The fact that other races have not received similar treatment proves what Malema was saying about Africans being seen as inferior by other races.

Malema attributed this treatment to how we Africans treat each other in our continent particularly how South Africans treat foreign nationals in our Country. He said while South African were rightly outraged at the treatment of Africans in China, they treat Africans who are immigrants in the country the same way.

Malema also questioned the government’s exclusion of foreign nationals in it’s response to Corona virus. He critised the government for only providing relief to South African as only South African national qualify for government grants and business relief. This has seen a lot of foreign nationals who are mostly informal traders struggle to put food on the table during the lockdown.

The EFF leader spoke about the difficulties of living in the African body and how Africans themselves have come to despise living in it. He said white countries look out for each but in our continent we would rather look out for other races instead of our own. He said that Africans themselves tend to treat other races better than other Africans.

What Malema said has proven to be true in the Xenophobic attacks that we have seen take place multiple times in our country. Even our police have treated black people differently than white people during the lockdown. While we have witnessed videos of police mistreating blacks on social media, we have also seen white people post pictures that were taken with soldiers.

The exclusion of foreign African national from the relief programmes have also been questionable as most of them run businesses that are not allowed to operate during the lockdown. Despite the fact that some of them came here illegally, the fact is it was not by malicious intent but in search of a better life because of the dire state of their native countries.

Perhaps we need to start giving each other the treatment that we expect to receive from other races before demanding it from others. We should set the standard of how Africans should be treated in the way we treat one another. Maybe the other races can realise that the African life matters when we start looking out for each other.

Do you agree that how Africans treat each other has an effect on how other races treat Africans?

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