Christians Are Just Deceiving Themselves Cause There’s No Jesus, Heaven Or Hell, The Bible Is Only Full Of Fake Stories – Lady Says

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There's No Jesus, heaven or Hell

A young lady who seems to be unknown has been going viral on the internet since yesterday after she claimed that there is no Jesus, heaven or hell fire.

She made this known in a video which she recorded herself in her bedroom saying, “all Christians are just deceiving themselves.”

She said, she was searching through her house and found her old Bible inside her room. What’s the novel still doing in my loads till now? She said.

She also made it known that Christians do think all other religions are religions of darkness, not ordained by God and that they will be the only one to make heaven, whereas, heaven and hell does not exist.

Referring to the Bible, she said, everything written inside the novel called Bible are just fake stories that has no power.

She made it known that she was a Christian before and do go to church very well but now, she knows the truth and she is a river goddess and controls many queens of river.

Watch the full video below;

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