Christians Should Focus On These Things Instead Of Spreading Fear About Mark of the Beast

Jewish Rabbi David Bin’Yaakov has once again dropped a bombshell revelation regarding 5G and why the church should stop talking about it.

Speaking on his WhatsApp broadcast, he said that Christians have to focus on preaching Jesus, and not the anti-Christ. He said that even if 5G was a sign of the one world government, that no amount of prayer could stop it.

He likened those who preach about 5G were only deceiving their followers just like when Peter tried to convince Jesus not to die on Calvary. He said that God had programmed the anti-Christ to come at the right time and that it’s not the work of the church to stop it’s emergence. Below are some excerpts from the sermon; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

* Rabbi: Shalom Achi. I was praying and meditating when I got a revelation from the Lord. I have to share this now

For a long time, I’ve been praying and researching on this 5G issue. A lot has been said in many quarters about it, but I was always getting contradictory statements.

So, the Lord revealed to me the truth about this and his will. Frankly, 5G and every technological invention is aimed at doing the will of God. The anti-Christ coming is part of the will of God. The one world government is part of the plan of God. We can’t ignore that. God has it all planned out. 5G might have it’s evils uses and Covid-19 is frankly a tool in the hands of Lucifer, but as the mouthpiece of God, I don’t think this should be a major topic.

We’re not sent to preach the plans of Lucifer or the machinations of darkness. We’re not to announce the plans of the devil. We’re meant to be preaching Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus the Messiah) and his return to those who have never heard the good news before. We have people in several countries where the gospel is banned. We have millions of unreached souls in China, India, Arab world and even in Christian countries. We need to save this souls with the redemption of God.

The church is now so much out of sync with the Ruach Ho’Kadosh (Holy Spirit) that we forget the basic duties and focus on frivolities. I’d advise us all to forget about 5G for now and focus on Yeshua. His coming is at hand. The enemy has a huge Arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Trust me, the church can’t resist the mark of the Beast from happening. So no need fighting shadow.

Let’s focus on saving souls now and bringing the redemption of God to the Church. Tell your pastors to stop preaching 5G, no one sent them. This is the only way we can do the work of Ha’Shem. Shalom Aliechem.

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