Chromecast with Google TV finally streams live Nest Doorbell camera video feed

Google’s own Nest Cam portfolio was woefully unsupported by its latest Chromecast with Google TV dongle, but for the 9th anniversary of the Chromecast brand it finally decided to bring live feed from the Nest cameras to your TV.

The livestream abilities go to all wired or battery-powered Nest Cams, outdoor or indoor models, the floodlight version, as well as the Nest Doorbell Camera at long last. Google explains that you can either use the Chromecast Voice Remote to pick the camera you want to stream the live feed from, or use a Nest speaker or display. 

For instance, one can say “show me the front door camera” for the Nest Doorbell, or “Hey Google, show me the front door camera on my TV” on your Assistant-enabled device like the Nest speaker.

Google’s acquisition of Nest hasn’t panned out the way it wanted it to be as there are still lack of synergy between the company’s own products and the Nest portfolio. Some of the Nest thermostats, for example, can’t be controlled from the Nest app or react to its sensor.

The Nest Cam live stream video feed will be rolling to your Chromecast with Google TV before this week is over, while other Assistant and Android TV-powered devices will most likely be supported as well.


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