Congrats As Brazil’s Tallest Man, Fernandes da Silva Finally Found Love In a Tiny Beautiful Woman

Love is known to be blind but love happens when you least expect it. This 7.8ft man, who lives in Brazil was so embarrassed by his height that he hid at home for ‘half his life’ but he has found finally love – with a woman three feet smaller than him. Silva who has been offered reffered to as ‘gentle giant’, is officially Brazil’s tallest man.

28 year old Joelison Fernandes da Silva, developed gigantism as a child and rapidly grew to a massive 7ft 8in tall. The shy Brazilian was forced to drop out of school due to bullying and refused to leave the family house for years. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

But following successful surgery to remove a benign tumour on his pituitary gland, his condition is now under control. And the real-life Goliath has cemented his happiness – by marrying 5ft Evem Medeiros, 21.
Joelison grew up in a small rural village in Paraiba, northern Brazil and was bullied from a young age due to his height. He got in trouble for fighting his tormentors and later decided to quit school all together, much to the disappointment of his mother Ivanilde Fernandes da Silva.

Doctors later discovered he had a benign tumour on his pituitary gland that was causing his body to produce uncontrolled amounts of growth hormone. Joelison initially refused to have it removed as he didn’t want to spend three months in hospital recovering – even though he was warned it would eventually kill him.

But in 2007, after some convincing from his family, he agreed and had it removed using less invasive laser surgery performed through his nose. The successful operation helped slow his growth but he still sprouted another four inches to his current height of 7ft 8in.

With the gigantism under control, his confidence grew. The computer games fan finally took a step into the public conscience and was eventually crowned Brazil’s tallest man. One show took such pity on his plight they made him seven pairs of shoes to fit his enormous size 23 shoe size and custom shirts and shorts to fit his bulky frame

Joelison, who bizarrely used to work in a gold mine as well as a plantation before leaving due to his health, now makes a living appearing in commercials for different types of frozen ready meals.

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