Coronavirus Is Going to End the Whole United States Of America – Man Reveals

Coronavirus will end United States

A man has shared his thought and concern about the way Coronavirus is spreading in the United States. In his word, he said;

We all know that the Coronavirus is not a small thing its a very deadly virus that can not be taken lightly. Most people think that Coronavirus is something no one should be worried to much about but we’ve all seen that this virus is some thing that shouldn’t be taken lightly we should all take it seriously.

But now i most certain see this it seems this is the end of USA as they have more Coronavirus cases than any other country in the world as i see it it seems its the end of USA as Coronavirus cases has risen and the number of death confirmed cases.

In my own opinion seems the end of USA is near as there cases keep rising and it way higher than italy now. In just a short time USA cases has become 1,000,000 confirmed cases and 78,000 death cases which is the highest death cases in the world.

And with this amount of confirmed cases in USA it seems its soon going to be the end of USA cause coronavirus keeps getting worst and worst in there country and lots of people are panicking and are scared. But i hope this doesn’t happen and its just my thought. I pray we all survive this virus and pray all i have said won’t come through.

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