Coronavirus: Is It a Good Idea For Schools to Re-open Despite Covid19 Pandemic?

Should schools Reopen despite pandemic

Due to the widespread of COVID-19, life as we know it has been put on hold including business, religion and schools as well.

Students have not been spared as millions of students and undergraduates have had to leave school to observe the lockdown that was necessary to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 infection rate.

While life has not returned back to what we knew before the widespread of the virus, some business has started opening up.

Apart from the debate of opening churches, another bone of contention is when schools should resume.

In the latest development on this, some state governments are already in consultations with the Federal Government concerning the reopening of schools and the necessary procedures that should be taken.

The authorities are cautious and want to observe the behaviour of the pandemic before schools are reopened.

However, with business opening up again and some people and countries going to their daily jobs while observing COVID-19 protocols, shouldn’t schools be opened as long as they are clear guidelines to follow?

What do you think about this? Should school resumes yet or not? Kindly dop your comments and give your reasons.

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