Coronavirus: WHO Is Trying to Force Africans to Accept Bill Gates Covid19 Vaccine With Chip

WHO is working with Bill Gates

In response to statistics from the World Health Organisation claiming that over 190,000 people in Africa could die of Covid19 in just one year, many Africans have said that they are convinced that the “unfounded statistics” are used to coerce the continent to considering the ‘Bill Gates Vaccine’.

A study by the WHO says up to 44-million people on the continent could get infected during the same period. However many Africans are saying that unfortunately scientific modelings have dismally failed in Africa. The earlier predictions was that millions would have been infected by now but that hasn’t really happened in Africa. Even though the number is growing, it is far from the predictions made few months ago. Africans say WHO and all their cronies should just give up on this farce because the fear “mongering” is no longer working.

@Morale_Zn When were these studies done @WHO? You must go study Australia and stop lying about false stats about AFRICA. We in 2020 we now know when the white hand claims to give it steals and murders with the other.

@iibelgican Lies.WHO is trying to scare us. People die every day in Africa from different ailments, what do they do about it?Western countries distribute guns and ammunition to rebels who kill millions innocent civilians, what does the media say about that? We all are going to die one day.

@Faustin_MK Thank God the WHO is corrupt and anyone with common sense knows that their predictions are unreliable. Instead the SA Government should call on the people of South Africa to make use of their survival instincts and protect themselves and Africa will be spared as it has so far.

Meanwhile, there are now more than over 44,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the continent, with a number of African countries imposing a range of prevention and containment measures against the spread of the pandemic.

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