Covid-19: Madagascar Begins Selling Of It Herbal Treatment For Coronavirus Despite WHO Warning

Madagascar using Herbal cure despite WHO Warning

Madagascar announced eight days ago that it had developed a very effective herbal medicine that effectively heals and cures the coronavirus in patients in the country.

The miracle concoction is said to be made from a plant that actually contains anti malaria deposits and as well eliminates virus from the immune system and strengthens the immune system. Th plant known as Known under the scientific name of Artemesia Annua, the plant of Chinese origin was first imported to Madagascar in the 1970s.

While the World health organization has strongly criticised the use of any locally made herbal drug for the treatment of Covid-19, urging that it has not recommended any cure and that no one should self medicate. The authorities in Madagascar has approved the use of the drug and has gone to the extent of using soldiers for the door to door distribution of the drugs to the three most affected region in the area.

You can’t blame them, The cure has been effective, Madagascar has 128 cases of corona virus and 92 has successfully recovered.

In a new development, a host of African countries have begun to show interest in the drug and this is still despite the warning from WHO and their skepticism about the drug.
We hope the drug has been scientifically proven in Madagascar labs and we hope it won’t have side effects in the long run.

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