Covid-19: Madagascar Seeks Help From South Africa As ECOWAS Rejects There Coronavirus Herbal Cure

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ECOWAS rejects Madagascar Herbal Cure

Madagascar is the only country to ever claimed to have found Coronavirus medicine. The organic medicine is made from Artemisia herb. The president of Madagascar had initially claimed that the medicine is tested and works. Though the country has shown is willing to help other countries, they have suffered a setback after ECOWAS reject the organic medicine.

In a press that took place on May 6, ECOWAS commission said it disassociate it’s self from claims that the regional block had ordered organic medicine from Madagascar.

“We wish to dissociate ECOWAS and its health institution, West Africa Health Organization, WAHO, from this claim and inform the general public that we have not ordered the said CVO medicine,

Madagascar has alread donated their organic in countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo and Guinea-Bissau. Guinea- Bissau received the consignment on behalf of ECOWAS region and it is expected to distribute to the member countries.

Meanwhile, South Africa Minister Of Health Zweli Mkhize has confirmed call from Madagascar. Zweli said that Madagascar had requested scientific assistance. They are required to help in scientific research on Artemisia- the herb they used in making COVID- organic.

“We received a call from the government of Madagascar, who asked for help with scientific research. Our scientists would be able to assist with this research. We will only get involved in a scientific analysis of the herb. We are not at that point yet,” Mkhize said on Twitter.

We hope for positive results. What’s your view on this? Drop your comments below.


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