Covid19: Africans Are Suppose to Die More Than Us Of Coronavirus Because They Lack Medical Care – Some Americans Cries Out

African are suppose to die more than Americans

On social media, some Americans have been complaining and want to know the offense they committed that death is dealing with their country and sparing Africans that do not have standard Healthcare facilities. In all their statements, they were using “nigga”. Nigga or niggar is an offensive word used to address a black man especially in the US.

When they are using the word, it shows their anger and envy towards the black. They are very angry that people without Healthcare facilities are surviving and they are dying in thousands. They suggest that perhaps the blacks or Africans are using juju, voodoo or charms to wardoff the effects of Coronavirus.

Africa as a continent have less to 15,000 infections for more than 52 countries. While only the United States have more than 600,000 cases according to Wikipedia update this morning. This is what is making Americans to see Trump as incompetent, urging him to resign since he is better at talking than acting.

How the US Coronavirus cases overtook that of Spain in Italy is still a mystery to many. Now, the case of infection is increasing steadily without hold. Americans think that Africans should or ought to die more because they lack proper medical care.

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