Covid19: Africans Belief In God While You Only Belief In Science, That Is Why You’re Dying Of Coronavirus – Africans Reply Americans

Africans Don't Die cause they Belief in God

According to controversy that have been trending online since about two days ago where Americans think Africans are using charms or juju to reduce the effect of Coronavirus in there continent.

Americans think that voodoo and charms are responsible for the low death rate in Africa in respect of Coronavirus. Whereas other continents are losing their citizens in thousands, only a few are dying in Africa as many keep recovering daily. This is startling especially to Americans who think that Africans are cheating death because they neither have health care nor medical facilities. This is very heart breaking for Americans. One asked “why are these niggas not dying. What are we not doing correctly.

Americans and Europeans are very angry that Coronavirus is now very partial. Coronavirus seems to be sparing Africans and is now killing Americans and Europeans in thousands. They are asking why Coronavirus hates whites and loves blacks. They are so puzzled that they think blacks or Africans are using black magic, charms and voodoo. The issue is currently trending online. They seems rather angry using the swear word ‘nigga’ to address Africans. When Americans use the word “nigga”, it shows that they are very angry and it is with disdain they are using these words.

Americans think that the blacks are using black magic, voodoo, charms and juju to ward off Coronavirus. In all their posts regarding the issue, they were using the term nigga suggesting that they are very angry with the Africans for not dying in thousands as other countries are dying.

Brandon Edmond said “how can people without health care facilities, medical equipment and drugs be surviving Coronavirus while countries with medical facilities, sound Healthcare systems, and intensive care centers be dying.

“There is something wrong somewhere. Or maybe there is something we are not doing right” he wrote. Some suggest that it was the high temperature in Africa that is slowing down the rate of infection while others said it is charm. One Twitter user k-kriss even said that Coronavirus must be black in color perhaps that is why it is sparing black people.

Recently, Africans have finally revealed the main reason why Coronavirus is not affecting them as much as other continents. Africans speak out that by saying “We belief in God that is why he’s merciful to us” while Americans only belief in science and forget God. Below are some of their replies.

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