Covid19: Americans Now Finally Discovers Why Africans Are Not Dying In Thousands From Coronavirus and They Might Take Same Steps Too

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Reasons Africans aren't dying

This American man was so worried why the media was not reporting that Africans are dying in thousands. He was waiting for the media to report that many people just died in Africa. This is partly why people are thinking that this Coronavirus is either a biological weapon to control the population of the world or created to influence Chinese dominance.

According to one Twitter use, the reason Chinese were partially angry with Africans was because they were not dying in thousands like other countries were dying which is to say they are immune to the virus or what. One man replied that those few who were dying in Africa are those who were already sick before.

However, Africans, especially Nigerians have invaded his handle to tell him their minds. They expressed unreserved belief in God as their secret not charms and voodoo as alledged by some Americans and Europeans.

Besides they are keeping safe and still praying to God. Africans know that they cannot handle this all by themselves. We need God to help us unlike others who think they can do it all without God. Below are some of Africans reply to the post.


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