Covid19: Bad News to All Churches From Highcourt As Their Requests Was Not Granted

Highcourt rejects churches requests

After the government issued closure of all public gatherings, it didn’t ring well for the believers. Some pastors took petition to High Court requesting for resumption of services. Otherwise these petitions were not granted as it still puts humans at risk.

In the ruling, the judge urged the church to seek alternatives to worship including online options. The church is seen to obey the orders, but they made it clear that is the high time the nation will need the church. The church said that it was not consulted regarding curfews and the restrictions.

The petitioners and believes also argue that they can have surmons in church while obeying the measures in combating corona pandemic.

However, aside all the move taken by petitioners and believers, the Highcourt didn’t grant them the request. The believers have been urged to observe the Highcourt orders, to avoid contracting the deadly virus. This measures will include avoiding public gatherings and maintaining social distancing.

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