Covid19: China Is Trying to Help African Countries Against Coronavirus Because Of This Serious Reason

Reason why china want to help African countries

China has been making frantic moves to help developing countries, especially Africa, to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed economies of the world, thereby bringing many countries down. The means of survival of many countries have been crumbled with the coronavirus pandemic. Leaders of many nations have abandoned every other governance activity and focused on fighting coronavirus.

But China where the virus emanated from is already free from the disease. And now that it has been free, the country is frantically making steps to assist other countries, principally less developed countries in areas of medicine and technology, to come out of the pandemic.

Though many citizens of some of these countries, especially Nigeria, are not welcoming China but the Chinese government seems not willing to abandon the move.

You may begin to ask why is China not willing to forget the move as some Africans are not welcoming the idea. Some of these countries actually need the assistance, yes. Their technologies have been fully developed as those of the Chinese but they are not welcoming and China itself as a nation is not giving up. Let’s see some reasons why China is bent on assisting African countries.

One Eric Olander gave the reasons why the Chinese government does not want to go back from Africa. You know every nation has its own area of strength. Besides, these developed nations are envious of each other. The United States of America, over the years, has been the superpower, though there are five most powerful nations in the United Nations Security Council. These nations are the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France and China. But the US has been outshining the others.

Olander said the assistance the Chinese is trying to render is a kind of pride to them that they have been able to assist the world in times of global pandemic. It is trying to raise its profile in providing assistance to countries in times of world crisis. You know the United States has been holding this position over the years but now that the US is battling the crisis with more patients than any other country in the world, the government does not have time for any country again.

Again, Olander who is the editor of a project called The China Africa Project also said China is tactically employing these aids to change the narrative. The country is in a drive to divert people away from blaming them over the international disaster. Every nation in the world is pouring venom on the nation as being the one attempting to destroy human race with the virus. The government is therefore trying to play diplomacy to win back confidence of the world.

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