Covid19: Churches and Mosques Should Be Closed Back and Anybody That Opposes That Should Be Arrested – Man Says


A man has just speak up his mind about re-opening of churches by saying churches should be closed back. He gave his reasons for saying that and According to him, he said;

There have been more complaints about the closure of churches due to the COVID 19 pandemic more than there is a complaint of other issues. But, who is the church? The building or its people? Re-opening of churches is less considered above other situations in other continents because business sectors that hold the living of the people together are still enclosure. That gives the hunch of what the real business is in Africa.

Churches and Mosques are allowed to operate online whereas manufacturers can’t manufacture online. A new substitute for paying tithe was introduced what else do church needs to open amidst the pandemic. The lives of the members matter more than the activities done in the building.

That’s the reason people should be blamed for the insurgency of the government. The democracy rule has given opportunities to shut mouth to speak of what’s it’s just and unjust.

The people can hear the word from their homes and be dedicated to whatever service to be done. The reverse is the case in other parts of the economy. Who should be complaining now? I know the rate of offerings and other alms has reduced vehemently but until coronavirus will be gone, I support the closure of churches. And, anyone in opposition should be arrested.

It is not everyone that can read and write but the majority can listen and understand. The money used to pay offerings and tithe should be gathered up to purchase an online access device. This would reduce the sabotage of some part of the mass participation.

It’s so saddening that Africans think outside the box. They try to be more Catholic than the Pope or cry even more than the bereaved. They ignore what is fact and fall in love with lies. They prefer superstition to scientifically proven facts. The backwardness of most Africans is because of ignorance. This religious leader understands the fact but still goes online to oppose it just because it is what their followers want to hear.

The Bible itself doesn’t support the gathering of service in masses. I wonder what headache this could be given but it’s the fact to be told. Re-opening of churches should be suspended and anyone in opposition should be arrested.

What do you have to say about this? Kindly share your thought by dropping your comments below.

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  1. Man, am sorry for you to say this, you seem to be more spiritual than the Holy Spirit to the extent of understanding that Africans thinks outside box, but you may be the one thinks outside the box because you are spiritual blind. Being a pope its not a direct ticket to Heaven, but upright heart of a believe can inherit the kingdom of God. Stop rebelling against the God who holds your breath, stop, stop. God bless you

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