Covid19: Congrats As Coronavirus Cure Has Been Discovered and Is to Be Distributed Globally Soon

Israel discovers Coronavirus vaccine

The much awaited cure for the deadly virus Coronavirus seem to be coming in pretty sooner than we all thought. This which was confirmed by a report issued in by “Times of Israel”

According to the filed report a vaccine had been gotten and confirmed by a British vaccinologist who’s currently spearheading advanced efforts in the search of immunization.

The report which further included that Dr. Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology had gotten a vaccine built by her team, and was close to a 100% sure of it’s potency.

In her words she said

“there’s a high chance that it will work based on the results gotten from several researchs carried out with it”

Dr. Gilbert told The Times of Israel. It should be ready for distribution in about 5months she added.

According to the Israeli scientist; we would not fold our arms and watch millions of people die from the virus. The virus would be ready soon but might take a little time for distribution.

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