Covid19: Donald Trump Begin to Reopen United States Despite Having Highest Coronavirus Cases and Death Roll In the Country

Donald Trump reopen United states

in the United States of America, Coronavirus cases top 783000 and death tolls surpasses 42000, but the president is looking forward to states governor’s to start easing lockdown regulations to get the United States economy back to move.

Speaking today, the president of the United States insisted that some States in America would have to relax the lockdown regulations and start opening up some businesses, he said the Americans want their lives and freedom back and must begin to work.

Donald Trump wants to make America Great again despite the increase in the number of covid-19 cases and death toll Trump wants America’s economy back and the freedom of of Americans released to them though it is a very tough decision he says its up to the States Governor’s to decide.

Some governor’s have already decided as of today to Reopen their states though they admit that “cases will still continue to go up”
The Governor of Georgia to begin easing restrictions this weekend. Georgia begins to clear Gyms, Bowling Alleys, Body art studios, hair and nails saloons to open as early as Friday and restaurants will be open on Monday. The Governor says more details will be given in the coming days how this will go.

Detroit begins testing essential workers for the virus, the workers will take temperature tests everyday before they go to work. Temperature checks can play a role in reopening so every body will have temperature test. Some other Republican state’s such as Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee are to Reopen as well. We are doing everything possible to Reopen as early as we can Donald trump says.

Frustrated from lack of testing Marylands governor secures 500, 000 testing kits from South Korea.

Donald trump says social distancing must be maintained and sanitation rules must not be eased.

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