Covid19: God Will Use Coronavirus to Kill Stupid People Like TB Joshua – African Pastor Says

Coronavirus will wipeout stupid people

Ps Dr MKO Tibetan, A Nigerian pastor, has said TB Joshua is in trouble for declaring a false prophecy about coronavirus. He said that the Lord will use this coronavirus to minus stupid people from the earth.

According to Sleek Gist, Tibetan was speaking following the recent prophecy from the controversial TB Joshua. TB Joshua claimed that Covid-19 would be over by the 27th of March but the date has long passed and the novel virus continues to spread throughout the world.

Now, Tibetan says TB Joshua is in big trouble. According to the report, Tibetan accosted TB Joshua of beiya fake pastor for past prophecies that did not come to pass.

He also threw shade on TB Joshua, saying he lives on the internet to give fake prophecies together with other Nigerian pastors. He declared all of them fake pastors. TB Joshua has been widely criticized for his predictions that never come to pass.

@Flips__ #TBJoshua said #coronavirus crisis will end yesterday (27th), yesterday 700 people died in italy. Stop the fake prophecy and help with the offerings you received all the years#COVID19.

@Miss_Leo If #TBJoshua knew, he would have just predicted Chioma’s case for the 27th instead of that other story.

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