Covid19: Madagascar Has Set a World Record As They Have No Coronavirus Death Due to There Covid19 Herbal Cure – Other Africans Should Embrace It If WHO Doesn’t

Madagascar herbal cure should be embraced by Africans

They caused us as Africans to grow up accepting that we can’t do it all alone, and we forever need their assistance to succeed; it’s about time we need change. We should bolster our own.

Madagascar is establishing a world precedent, they have discovered the solution for the COVID19, and they are utilizing it to fix their Coronavirus patients. Be that as it may, they are not getting into the news since, they are not originating from the West side.

Madagascar has:
– 128 cases
– 92 recovered
– 0 Deaths

Madagascar couldn’t care less about who state what, regardless of whether world wellbeing association favors their medication or not. They are giving their kin a home grown medication produced using a tree called Lengane in Sotho, and is working incredibly well for them.

No BBC news, even our appropriate African news papers are not discussing this, yet if it was accounted for by Europeans, Asians or Americans every single African nation would be celebrating. Presently our African neighbor Madagascar has a characteristic fix, yet African pioneers are trusting that a fix will originate from abroad.

Everybody is seeing Bill Gates for the Coronavirus antibody while fix is in reality here in Africa from Madagascar. Africans quit sitting tight for WHO, Europe for mentioning to you what is fix, and what isn’t.

Take a gander at Madagascar COVID19 diagram, and since they affirmed artemesia herb (principle fixings: Lengane, Umhlonyane) as fix! 72% recuperation rate, no demise since they were at more than hundred cases.

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