Covid19: Madagascar Herbal Treatment For Coronavirus Shows Good Results As 20 People Recover After Using It

People recover after using Madagascar Herbal Cure

The Madagascar’s Covid Organics Shows Results And Hope. The Madagascar’s developed vaccine has already started showing good results and hope to the African continent as the twenty tested people has already started recovering after using the Anti virus tonic known as the Covid Organics.

The President of Madagascar went on and emphasized that he will not stop using the Covid Organics as it is helping people around Africa and countries like Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea and Liberia have already ordered the Covid Organics.

However, the WHO has not yet approved the treatment as they say it has not gone under proper trials even if they are derived from traditional. It went on and said a proper vaccine is estimated to be ready by mid 2021 as the scientists are already working on it.

The response from the World Health Organization has not shifted the president of Madagascar as they are continuing with the production, supported with other surrounding countries. He went on and said “The Covid Organics is not being approved just because it has been made in Africa and if it has been made in the western they would have been no complications and all these accusations of it not being safe”. The African scientists are not to be underestimated.

The African Uninion has also said it wanted to see the scientific data on the “safety and efficacy” of the Covid Organics.

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