Covid19: Madagascar Records Its First Covid19 Death Despite Its Coronavirus Herbal Cure

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Madagascar Records first Covid19 death

Just in, Madagascar has reported its first covid19 death after months of a clean record. These news of the death were reported late Sunday night. The person was amongst the first people who contrated the virus.

According to the article:

“Madagascar on Sunday reported the first death of a patient suffering from novel coronavirus nearly two months after it was first detected in the country, official statistics showed.”

These are very tragic news. It was believed that the covid organics drink that has been famous in the country has been healing the people and now after the first death, many questions arises. The whole country is now concerned.

You can read the whole article from the news broadcaster eNCA below:

The issue continues with WHO still advising against the Madagascar natural cure. The President went and defended the cure in a recent interview by France 24. The president insists the cure really works and he won’t stop using it.

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