Covid19: Madagascar Records New Coronavirus Cases Despite there Covid Organic Herbal Cure

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Madagascar found new cases of Coronavirus

Madagascar has just recorded a news cases of Coronavirus cases in the country. Don’t be disheartening, because there malaria drugs are everywhere yet there are always new cases to be treated.

Remember, the President of Madagascar had come out with a Covid-Organics, a herbal tea used to treat Coronavirus through the Madagasy Institute of Applied Research.

Madagascar, the only country in the world still on record with zero cases of Covid-19 related death fatalities has been on the headlines since launched of its herbal tea.

Since the drug’s launch, most countries in Africa have been making orders for the drug, with Senegal and Equatorial Guinea being on the top list. Also the Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has also entered the list after he said in one of the country’s national TV that he had made contact with Madagascar and was planning to dispatch airplane to the island country for the medicine.

All trials and tests have been conducted and its effectiveness has been provided in reducing and elimination of symptoms from Covid-19 patients in Madagascar.

To our readers, don’t be disheartened or discouraged. The country will probably detect more positive cases with time, but (according to the president) would cure the Novel Coronavirus with their herbal tea called Covid-Organics.

What is your country waiting for? What’s your opinion on this new cases found in Madagascar, a small Island in Africa that some scientists called the 8th Continent.


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