Covid19: More People Getting Infected Than Recoveries In Madagascar Despite There Covid-organics Herbal Cure

Madagascar having more infected people from Covid19

Madagascar has been seeing a huge drop in the number of active cases of covid-19 for atleast a week after covid organics cure was realeased. This meant that more people were recovering at a faster rate than people getting infected.

It was believed by most people that the country had everything in order due to the huge praise it got after launching covid-organics. Currently the “cure” has been shipped to countries like Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania recently announced its intentions of importing the herbal tea. With the recent report of a hike in the active cases, more and more people are starting to be unsure of the potency the drink might have.

According to there cases graph, it shows how the number of active cases were doing a steady down fall on 29 April 2020. This was taken as an indication that the covid organics cure was at least helping. Unfortunately as of 04 May 2020, it seems as if the graphs has taken a U-turn and is making its way up again.
Below is the current graph showing these active cases.

As you can see, the number of cases have risen by 8 people since the last time they were checked. This is a very concerning number because alot of countries rely on the covid organics cure to treat its patience. If the mother country of the cure is not showing positive results, alot of worry emerges.

We shall continue to be on the lookout for the change in statistics and keep you updated. Do you think these numbers increasing, though by a small amount, is enough to have us concerned about the cure’s reliability?

Kindly drop your comments below and tell us what’s your view on this.

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