Covid19: President Of Tanzania Is Really Tempting God As He Doesn’t Allow Closure Of Churches In the Country and Believes In Prayer Only

Tanzania president doesn't allow lockdown

To stop the spread of deadly CoronaVirus, most countries around the globe has introduced stiffer measures among its citizens. All social gatherings have been banned and wearing a mask in public is a compulsory. This will reduce person to person infection.

On the other hand, the president of Tanzania, John Magufuli continue to draw criticism from various corners around the East African region for failing to close churches in his country.

Magufuli believes that COVID-19 is satanic and can only be tamed through prayers. To rub salt on the wound, yesterday the president declared a three-day prayer period in Tanzania which was due to start from 17th April to 19th April this month.The period is meant to pray for the country against the pandemic. The president is being more faithful than the apostles. He is beginning to put his people’s lives at risk because of his stand.

Recently, the ministry of health in Tanzania have declared that they have confirmed 53 new cases. This will make Tanzania another Italy of Africa. This is not only a threat to the good people of Tanzania, but it is also a wrong portrayal of faith. God is concerned about our safety. God does not want us to be in danger.

The president is trying to tempt God. The Bible clearly say that we should not tempt the Lord our God. Even Jesus christ avoided tempting God, his father. The president is receiving wrong advice and it will jeopardize the safety of Tanzanians.

Coronavirus spreads like a wildfire. The story of Italy, Spain and the United States is enough to teach the people of Tanzania lessons. There are speculations that Italy may import coffins very soon because there is already shortage of coffins in the country because they are having an average of 400 deaths daily. Today the death rate is soaring high.

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