Covid19: Tanzania President Orders the Purchase Of Madagascar Herbal Cure Despite WHO’s Warning

Tanzania president orders the purchase of Madagascar cure

Tanzania President, President John Pombe Magufuli, has proved to the world that he is a no nonsense leader. The manner in which he has been steering his country through this corona virus pandemic has earned him international recognition. He has stood with his principles even at the time when nations are bowing to the pressure brought about by the covid-19 pandemic.

The world health organization (WHO) had previously declared coronavirus disease as a notifiable disease calling upon all countries to report their cases on daily basis. This will help them know the extent of spread and implement necessary precautionary measures. Tanzania on the other hand has been reporting their cases periodically and not daily as requested by the WHO.

President Magufuli recently suspended announcement of coronavirus cases until the investigations into the national laboratory testing for coronavirus disease is complete. He fired the head of the national laboratory citing unreliability of coronavirus results. He ordered the health minister to probe the national laboratory over the inflated positive cases and quality of testing kits.

Recently, Madagascar announced that it had discovered an organic tea that can cure coronavirus disease. They named it covid organic. However, the WHO cautioned countries on the use of this covid organic tea noting it does not have any scientific prove backing it. Madagascar has already started distributing it to 15 ECOWAS member countries.

President John Pombe Magufuli has become the first president from the East African region to endorse the covid organic tea and ordered his government to make necessary arrangements and purchase it. He noted with confidence that he was satisfied with reports from Madagascar about their cure and the necessary ministry should deploy a plane to go fetch it.

“I have heard reports of a herbal corona virus cure in Madagascar. I want the necessary ministry to speed up the process and send a plane to being that cure home to treat our patients. In the near future, am also considering reopening play grounds so that players can continue to entertain Tanzanians through football on their televisions. We shall put in place measures that prevent the spread of corona virus disease during the game” Said President Magufuli during the appointment of Duncan Kyobya as the new district commissioner for Mtwara on Wednesday May 6th.

Tanzania last announced their coronavirus cases on 29th April. They have ever since gone silent. During the announcement, the total cases of confirmed cases rose to 480 while the total number of deaths reported were 16. President Magufuli later dismissed those reports after he secretly send samples from a goat and a pawpaw plant and they tested positive for coronavirus disease.

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