Covid19: We Did Not Invite Chinese Medical Experts to Come to Nigeria, They All Come Willingly – Minister Of Health Says

We did not invite Chinese medical experts

Dr. Osagie Ehanire, the Minister of Health, has said on Sunday that the Nigerian government did not invite the Chinese Medical Experts who came into the country a few days ago, to help with the fight against Covid-19.

He revealed that the 15 Medical Experts flew into Nigeria, on the invitation of Chinese construction company, CCECC, hoping to help the Nigerian government battle the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Speaking in an interview on Channels TV, Ehanire revealed that the Nigerian government did not in fact bring in the Medical Experts from China, as widely speculated.

According to what he said: “I think in the first place, we did not bring them in. I think the Company (CCECC) in its own wisdom, and probably in its own corporate social responsibility, thought they should bring people in, to come and help us and advice.

“We did not issue any invitation, but we are not unhappy that they are here, because we can learn from their experience. These people have been through it; we want to start with a video conferencing with them, even while they are in isolation, so that we can try to learn from their experiences. There is nothing better than learning from someone who has actually suffered an event, and been inflicted with an injury.

“So, these are people who are specialised Doctors and Nurses. What we can learn from them, we learn, but the company in its own wisdom, thought we could benefit from this kind of initiative. We did not really ask for it, in fact, we did not know that this whole gift was coming from the company. We appreciate it nevertheless.”

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