Covid19: You Donated 1 Billion to Federal Government But You Can’t Pay the Salary Of Your Staffs – Nigerian Woman Attacks Access Bank

Access Bank Donation to federal government for Coronavirus

Mrs. Adetutu Balogun, A Nigerian woman who is based in the United Kingdom, UK has publicly called out one of Nigeria’s new generation banks, Access Bank for being able to donate a whopping sum of one billion naira to the Federal Government of Nigeria, yet unable to pay her workers full salaries.

According to her, Access Bank made the donation to FG in the month of March, and now, it has embarked on a mission of cutting the salaries of her employees, and such a move didn’t go down well with her. From her posture, it seems like an act of eye service, and now, the bank workers have to bear the pains rather.

“Last month (March), Access Bank gave FG N1 billion, money that 95% will be looted. This month, same bank cut salaries of employees,”

she tweeted last night.

Her claim was anchored on a post made by Bloomberg Africa through it’s verified social media page, “Access Bank, Nigeria’s biggest lender, plans to cut salaries to avoid job losses as a lockdown to contain Coronavirus hampers it’s operations.”

Mrs. Balogun is probably insinuating that the bank is playing the game of robbing Peter to pay Paul, which shouldn’t happen in the first place.

Though some people disagree with her saying the donation is aimed at benefiting the larger society than the few who works for them, so, it should be seen by their workers as a sacrifice to the betterment of the general public rather than the other way round.

Besides, the salary cut won’t be a long term agenda or exercise, only when if it remains so, then it becomes an act to condenm.

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