Cured Covid-19 Patients Showing Symptoms Again Can’t Infect Others – New Study Reveals

Recently there was a major scare among health experts after people who had recovered from COVID-19 started showing symptoms of the infection again. This was mostly observed in South Korea, which had one of the best track records for combating the viral infection.

However, a new study has found that Patients who test positive for the coronavirus after recovering probably aren’t capable of transmitting the infection. The South Korean researchers studied 285 COVID survivors who had contracted the virus again after they recovered.

APThe re-positive patients weren’t found to spread any lingering infection, as mentioned in a report in Bloomberg.

Additionally, the virus samples collected from them also could not be grown in culture, which indicates that the patients were shedding non-infectious or dead virus particles. This indicates that people who recover from COVID-19 do not pose risk of infections.

South Korean authorities said that under revised protocols, people should no longer be required to test negative for the virus before returning to work or school after they have recovered from their illness and completed their period of isolation. “Under the new protocols, no additional tests are required for cases that have been discharged from isolation,” the Korean CDC said in a report.

APThe agency said it will now refer to “re-positive” cases as “PCR re-detected after discharge from isolation. Bloomberg said that South Korea would not consider people who have recovered once as infectious.

Moreover, a PCR test cannot distinguish between dead and active virus particles. This means that people would assume that people who test positive again remain infectious.

AFPSom e coronavirus patients have tested positive again for the virus up to 82 days after becoming infected. Almost all of the cases for which blood tests were taken had antibodies against the virus. These findings come as a positive sign for countries looking to relax lockdown norms.

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