Deport Barack Obama to Kenya, Jail Him and Remove His Name From US History Books – Americans Tell Donald Trump

Deport Barack Obama to Kenya

Barack Obama, Former US President has once again been landed in another issue by his step-brother, Malik Obama.

Malik Obama has set the internet on Fire by posting alleged Obama’s original birth certificate.

According to the certificate he posted, Obama was born in Kenya, at the Mombasa Coast General Hospital in the year 1961, 4th August.

This is not the first time Malik is posting the certificate. He has been using the same to launch attacks on Barack.

It has made Americans gang up against Obama, with some calling upon President Donald Trump to deport him to Kenya and remove his name from US history books.

Obama vied for US presidency after he said he was born in the US.

Here is what Americans are saying;

Jonathan Nightfire: “Barack Obama was born in Kenya in Mombassa and he is disqualified for becoming the 44th President of the United States and he should be deported back to Kenya where he came from. This is his birth certificate right their. Replying to @realDonaldTrump @VP @Mike_Pence”

@ElMichaelLewis: “This means the entire presidency was illegal! Obama should be erased from the history books and thrown in jail for falsifying his application! Not to mention the trouble he’s in for sanctioning the illegal spy operation on the Trump campaign!

D Wallace: ‘That’s called the truth, but no one will pursue it. My buddy Edagogo Eferakya, spelling?, was from Kenya and his grandmother told him Barry was born there. That bogus BC they released was a joke. If Barry was white he would’ve been deported instead the left hates truth!”

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  1. luyombya umaru musisi
    luyombya umaru musisi

    That’s why Africans will always suffer till end…..!

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