Destiny studio working on a mobile game for Android and iOS

Bungie’s golden goose, Destiny, is the main reason the company has been acquired by Sony early this year. That, and the good working relationship between the Japanese company and the US-based studio. Available to play on just about every platform that can run games, including Android and iOS devices (via cloud), Destiny remains one of the most popular multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) series.In fact, the franchise is so popular that Bungie wants to turn it into a film and TV shows, just like Microsoft did with the Halo series. Beyond that, it looks like the partnership with NetEase will finally come to fruition, as Bungie is reportedly working on a mobile game that will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

NetEase is a minority shareholder in Bungie since 2018, and the main reason behind the Chinese company’s move is probably tied to do the US studio’s desire to expand to mobile gaming too. Now TheGamePost spotted a LinkedIn profile of one of the NetEase Games’ artists that mentions the fact that they’ve helped develop “an unannounced FPS mobile game” in cooperation with Bungie.

Although we strongly suggest taking this with a grain of salt, it’s highly possible that Bungie is truly working on a mobile game with NetEase, especially after the studio CEO, Pete Parsons said that the Chinese giant has “a significant amount of experience in mobile we don’t have.” He also added that the partnership between the two companies will allow Bungie with “incubate new ideas.”

The rumored mobile game is unlikely to be a port of the critically-acclaimed Destiny 2, but rather a brand-new title in the same universe. Until then, feel free to pick up and play Destiny 2 on your mobile via Microsoft’s cloud if you’re an Xbox Game Pass member.


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