Do These Five Things To Make Girls Laugh When You Text Them And Make Them Fall For You Instantly

Ways to make girls fall instantly

Laughing and sharing a good sense of humour is a way of bonding people together. Making someone laugh over text would help them ease stress and feel comfortable. Below are five ways to make someone laugh over text;

1. Be Honest
The best humour comes from experiences and reality. Always try to extract humour when giving a story about how bad your date was through text.  This would make it relatable and real.

2. Text What Is In Your Mind
Do not start thinking about how you’re going to reply and make them laugh. Humour has to be natural. Let the conversation and laughter flow, do not go back and rewrite texts.

3. Memes
Memes are funny videos and images that are all over the internet. If you lack creativity, memes can really help you crack up your friends. Memes can be found on major social media networks, Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram. 

4. Always Remain Respectful
Humour is a good way to impress someone but crossing their boundaries is the last thing you should want to do. Do not incline your jokes someone’s religion, tribe or even race. This makes you offend them.

5. Always Be Yourself
Don’t try to be someone else just to create laughter. Text someone who finds you funny without even trying to do so.
If someone does not find you hilarious, don’t try to impress them.

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