Do These Things If You Want Your Man to Start Giving You Money

easy ways to get money from your man

We all know how women of these days have been blamed for being too money conscious. The thing is, it’s not about requesting for money, it is about how you go about it. It is not wrong for a man to spend on his girlfriend or wife but sometimes it is all about “hand go, hand come”. Giving a man the reassurance that he’s not flushing his money down the drain wouldn’t make him bother spending on you.

The only time a man might call you a gold digger is when you prove to him you love his money more than himself, aside that, he will never see you as a gold digger even if he spends all his life savings on you. It’s all about how you go about it. Women who really know how to get money from their men, don’t even ask for it before it’s provided.

If you want to know how to easily get your man to spend on you, Below is how you can get it done;

1. Don’t Be Too Demanding
It is not wrong to request for money from your husband or boyfriend, he knows it’s his responsibility but when it becomes the order of the day, then it’s a problem. At the least opportunity, you are asking him to buy this or that, not only will he see you as a gold digger, he will also think you don’t have a future for him, you just want to drain his money. Every man wants a woman who plans the future with him and it doesn’t matter what he says, we all love it when a woman actually controls our spending.

2. Be Loyal
Every one of us expects the person closest to us to be loyal. Each one of us definitely loves someone who supports and is ready to do anything to be with us. That’s human nature. If you deny your man in front of your friends, I don’t think he will be eager to spend on you or give you money when he finds out. Let him have that confidence in you and he wouldn’t bother spending more on you.

3. Give Him Whenever He Needs It
It is an undeniable fact that men love it and this is why, a woman has a menstrual cycle, men don’t. A woman sheds her eggs in a month, men on the other hand have active “eggs” from the day they are conceived till they die. This sperms are active all year round and so it is really something men love. Now it comes with a lot of advantages and one of them is, it increases a man’s happiness and when a man is happy, he easily gives.

4. Be Faithful
No man will want to know that the woman he spends on also cheats and actually spends his money on another man. Being faithful gives a man the confidence to spend more on you because he has the assurance you love him and not his money and so spending on you doesn’t really affect him and he also knows giving to you will definitely come back to him and that’s love.

5. Walk Around The House Half -N
If you’re living with him in an apartment, always learn ways and means to keep his testosterone high and when a man’s testosterone is high, his happy hormones are activated and whatever you demand comes easy. One of the ways of easily getting him to give you money is by walking around the house half-Naked and this includes even when you’re in the kitchen cooking. You can decide to do your house chores in just a sexy lingerie, this will spike his emotions and will make him easily hand over what he has for you.

6. Help Him Pay Some Of The Bills
You don’t live with him but you are always at his place, you’re both working, what really stops you from paying some of his bills? When you do it, apart from him appreciating you the more, he’s likely to pay you back in threefold when he has money.

7. Earn Money Yourself
Before you can be able to pay part of his bill, you need to be financially stable yourself. Men love women who are hardworking, no man wants a lazy woman who sits home and does nothing. Same way, a woman wouldn’t want a man who is lazy and does nothing.

8. Buy Him Expensive Gifts
Talking about buying him gifts isn’t about the regular routine of buying underwear and handkerchiefs. What really stops you as a woman from also buying him a phone or even an expensive perfume? Buying him expensive gifts actually helps put your bid high. This is because when it is his time to also buy you something, he’s forced to buy you more because men have an ego where we don’t want to be second in anything.

9. Respect Yourself
Respecting yourself will help you achieve it easily. You can’t come cheap and expect to be treated expensive, it doesn’t work that way. For instance, if a man invites you on a date, you don’t come with your whole family and friends and expect him to buy food for all of them, that’s uncouth and uncultured. You’re clearly revealing how hungry your family and friends are and if you’re thinking you’re actually doing it to drain him, then I’m sorry, you’re rather disgracing yourself.

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