Do These Things to Keep Him Your Husband If You Don’t Want Another Woman to Snatch Him From You

things to do to keep your husband

Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a culturally recognised union between people, called spouses, that establishes rights and obligations between them, as well as between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws.

A husband is a male partner in a marriage. The man a woman is married to is an example of a husband. Lots of stories about adultery are now becoming a normal thing these days. While newly married people might not anticipate their partners engaging in adulterous affairs, the sad reality is that it is happening and most marriages are breaking up at a high rate. However, there are certain basic things that may help couples to stay together and keep the wandering eye of men in check. Below are the things a woman can do to keep her husband;

1. Be Prayerful
For the religious ones, prayer is an effective tool through which marriage can be sustained. It yields positive results. Praying together is even more powerful.

2. Always Support Him
According to an adage, “behind every successful man is a woman”. Supporting your husband is important and ensures that he appreciates you even more

3. Respect Him
Men love to be respected and to feel that they are in charge of their marriages. Even the bible exhorts women to submit themselves to their husbands.

4. Communication
This is key to building a lasting relationship with your man. It also allows you to be open to each other thereby eliminating hideous thoughts about each other.

5. S*x
This is very important in marriage. It is like the fuel that powers a union. It is not advisable to punish your husband by refusing to give him his conjugal rights as this might motivate him to look for it elsewhere.

6. Maintenance
It is of paramount importance for women to take care of themselves. A beautiful body, skin, mind and heart is essential in keeping a man close by. No man will ever like seeing her wife being rough.

7. Forgiveness
Holding on to past misdeeds is dangerous and men loathe an unforgiving heart. It is wise to let go of some things.

8. First Priority
Your husband should always be your number one priority. Even if you have kids, the husband should be treated like the first born. It is not a good idea to neglect your husband and fine us all your attention on the children.

9. Spending Time Together
In this fast paced world couples often find themselves without adequate time to bond with each other. It is highly recommended to find time for each other, go on holiday or do hobbies together.

10. Commitment
Marriage thrives on commitment. Even in the face of hardships, it is important to remain committed to each other.

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