Do These Three Things If You Don’t Want to Be Taken For Granted In a Relationship

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How to stop being taken for granted

Life’s too short to be taken for granted, especially by someone you love. Some people who have been in relationships for long, tend to feel as though their partners are taking them for granted; appreciating and paying attention to them less. If this is you, don’t bail just yet, here are 3 creative approaches you should apply that will make your partner pay more attention to you;

1. Don’t Cancel Your Plans For Them
Don’t constantly cancel your plans for theirs.
Always making yourself available by ditching your plans for theirs is the number one reason why you’re being taken for granted in the relationship.

If your partner knows you are always available and can easily turn down your plans, they realize they own you and your time. It’s therefore important to make it very clear that you’re not at their disposal or rather their beck and call. Just because you’re already in a relationship doesn’t mean you can no longer play hard to get.

2. Let Them Initiate Things First
A relationship is supposed to be two-way, not a one-sided effort. If you’re always the first one to text, the first one to call or the first one to initiate physical contact, hold back for a while.
By doing all these things first, you’re making your partner lazy and will always assume, you will do it. At the end of the day, he will never make an effort to initiate things first. Let your partner make the first move.

3. Hangout With Your Friends More Often
Majority of people tend to ditch and forget their friends exist once they enter into a relationship. This makes your partner take your presence for granted because you’re always there 24/7. So, break this pattern by hanging out or taking a trip more with your friends. That way, they will understand that your presence is a privilege since distance makes the heart grow fonder.


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