Do This Thing Immediately to Stop Your Phone From Getting Spoil After Falling Into Water

Phone in water

Garri is a common meal in almost all homes in Nigeria and and Africa as a whole. There is hardly ever a Nigerian home where there is no garri. Some use it to make Eba even as some drink it with cold water.

Garri has become very important in most houses because it’s far less expensive and less complicated to put together when it’s time to quench hunger. This bills for why many Nigerians stated they might no longer prevent consuming garri, irrespective of what happens.

However, there is another very critical usage 
of garri that many human beings do not know.

Cassava flakes, as it’s far known, may be used to bring our phones back to life; not just simplest cell phones, but some other digital handsets that are not water-friendly.

Whenever your telephone or every other item fall inside water, do not bother to sun-dry it or to air-dry it. Just switch it off. If your battery is removable, get rid of it.

There is most effective one way to bring it back to life, and that’s by means of dipping it in a bowl of garri.

Let it be placed Inside garri and after a few hours, pick up your phone. The garri would have absorbed all of the water and your cellphone may be back to life.

You will save money with this simple method. It is straightforward and smooth to do.

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