Donald Trump Is a Moron Who Can’t Read, He Refuses to Protect Himself From Death Over a Flimsy Ego Struggle With the Press – Arnold Schwarzenegger Says

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Commando actor and former Legislative Leader of California pulls all guns on the 74-year-old president in a savage tweet.

The attack is a product of the latest California law that mandates citizens not to ease up on the Corona-Virus measures already in place. Still, surprisingly the stubborn leader would not wear any because he wants to have the last laugh over the press he said, “I wouldn’t give them the joy of seeing it.”

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Arnold marked the president an outright nitwit for his refusal to protect himself from death over a flimsy ego struggle with the press.

Schwarzenegger capitalized on the governor of California, Gavin Newsom’s tweet to take aim at the president. The Legislator emphasized that Californians are currently required to wear a face mask in broad daylight, and not surprisingly, Arnold shared the tweet;

Donald is yet to respond to the tweet though. nevertheless, the USA president being his usual self, is expected to clap back at the Californians for calling him out.

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